Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

Day 689

Milpost 475      

     The Liard River Hot Springs is located on the Liard River in British Columbia and is the largest natural hot springs in Canada.

     Water temperatures ranges from 108 to 126 °F.

     It’s name is derived from the French word for “Eastern Cottonwood” (a kind of poplar) which grow in abundance along sections of the river.

     We stayed at a campground directly across from the springs. There is no cell phone or internet coverage in the area, nor electricity. Power to the campground were these generators. 

     They were insufficient to supply electricity to the 19 Rv’s, and power kept shutting down.

     We are definitely in a remote area of the Country. With no power or cell phone coverage there is no way to call for help if you are in trouble. You are on your own, just like the mountain men of a 100 years ago. 

Technical Stuff:

Fort Nelson to Liard River Hot Springs: 188.5 miles

4 hours 36 minutes

9.4 MPG

Diesel: $1.47 Canadian per liter

4 thoughts on “Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada

  1. Can’t see others comments even when I click on see all comments? Sounds like whoever picked out these campsites did not do a very good job


  2. That is a lot like when you are in Yellowstone. I remember going across the entire AM and FM dial and got nothing. That is why I was kidding you to keep an extra tire when you replaced your tires even though you had a spare (just in case two blew out at once). Any of your travel mates have a satellite phone? So how long can you all stay in the water at 108? Toasty.

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