Traveling the Alaska Highway, Yukon Territory

Day 691

     The Alaska Highway is endless miles with no civilization. Since this road was originally a military road, no communities sprang up, as there was no industry to support them. Once the war ended, the road continued to be improved as the only overland way to Alaska from the United States. Even tourism is not enough to support many communities on this road, as more and more people are flying to Alaska.

     However, there is plenty of wildlife, like this bear climbing the wall to cross the highway:

     There were plenty of Bison and their young,

     And these two guys duking it out: 

     We find fuel at truck stops, and that is where most of the RV parks are on the highway.

     Nevertheless, there are some fantastic views. And the countryside is breathtaking.

     Since wildlife have the right of way, we do have to stop when we get to an intersection:

     This bear just watched us. Probably no vehicles had come by for hours:

     Another cool thing is that the sun rises at 4:30 in the morning and doesn’t set until 11:12 at night. And, can you believe, the Yukon Territory has daylight savings time?

     As you can see from my “technical stuff” on the various posts, we are traveling up to 7 hours a day to reach our next destination. Generally, there are no campgrounds between stops.

     The pods generally stop every couple of hours for nature’s necessities, ice cream. 

     Hey, mama, wait for me!

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