Tok, Alaska

Day 729

     Since there are very few highways in the State of Alaska, we have to travel the same route over again. We want to go from Valdez, Alaska, to Chicken, Alaska. (Now, this is a really remote place. You have probably never heard of it). To do so, we have to backtrack on the Richardson Highway. We traveled 251 miles today back to Tox, Alaska (see Day 699), and will travel the rest of the way to Chicken tomorrow. Although it is only 77 more miles, it will take us over 2 hours because it is a winding road through the mountains, with sharp curves and switchbacks, some of which are not paved, and with lots of “frost heaves”. 

     There is no sewer, water, cell phone or internet in Chicken, Alaska. Other than the dirt road we will be coming in on (which goes up steep mountain passes, with no guard rails) there are no roads. So, I might be out of contact for a while. You won’t know if I am dead or alive. 

Technical Stuff:

Valdez, Alaska to Tox, Alaska: 251.1 miles

5 hours 4 minutes

10.6 MPG

Diesel: $3.45

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