St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Day 741

     Albert Lacombe was a French-Canadian Roman Catholic Missionary. He was born February 28, 1827 in Saint-Sulpice, a British colony on the lower Saint Lawrence River, now known as Quebec.

     Before Canada even existed, the Mission of St Albert was founded by Father Lacombe in 1861 on the Sturgeon River in what is now central Alberta, Canada. I think the river might look a little different today than it did in 1861:

     The Mission was named after Father Lacombe’s patron saint, St. Albert of Louvain. One of the first buildings built was the chapel, the original log chapel is still here and is the oldest surviving wooden structure in Alberta.

     The purpose of the mission was to help the local Indians to a better life. Father Lacombe was assisted by The Sisters of Charity of Montreal, more commonly known as “The Gray Nuns”. Unfortunately, it made them feel good, but killed the Indians. 

     The mortal remains of Father Lacombe are contained in a crypt behind his chapel.

     Tidbit of Information: The crypt was originally made of stone, but was converted to this wood because people were chipping away the stone for souvenirs.

Technical Stuff:

Valleyview, Alberta, Canada to St. Albert, Alberta, Canada: 211.4 miles

4 hours 3 minutes

10.5 MPG

Diesel: $1.30 Canadian/litre

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