Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Day 743

     Edmonton is the Capital of Alberta, Canada. Today, it is just another big city. However, someone had forethought. As the city was expanding, and original buildings were being torn down to make way for new, someone thought to preserve their heritage and move these buildings, with their rich history to a preservation area, now called “Fort Edmonton Park”.

     The Park is divided into time eras: 1846 Fort; 1885 Street, 1905 Street, and 1920 Street & carnival midway.

     Each era contains the original, or rebuilt structure from that time, with character actors recreating the times.

     Starting with the establishment of the settlement, we visited Fort Edmonton, built in 1895.

     I even participated in the Metis (half-breed Indian) dancing of the time.

     Although the day started out sunny, a sudden rain storm came upon us, but we improvised.

     Finally, we visited the “midway”, where Barbara enjoyed the rides.

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