Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Day 745

     Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, now that is a mouthful, was founded in 1882 as a Temperance colony. The Toronto-based Temperance Colonization Society was granted 21 sections of land straddling the South Saskatchewan River. The aim of the group was to escape the liquor trade in that city and set up a “dry” community in the Prairie region. Saskatoon is named after the berry of the same name, which is native to the region.

     The first known European to enter Saskatchewan was Henry Kelsey in 1690, who travelled up the Saskatchewan River in hopes of trading fur with the region’s indigenous peoples.

     The province name is derived from the Saskatchewan River, which means “swift flowing river” in the Cree language.  Why didn’t they just name the province “Swift River”, something you can pronounce?

     Tidbit of Information: In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase transferred from France to the United States part of what is now Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 1818 the U.S. gave the area to Britain.

Technical Stuff:

Lloydminster, Alberta, Ca to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada: 173.7 miles

3 hours 18 minutes

12.9 MPG

Diesel: $1.20 Canadian/liter

2 thoughts on “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

  1. Speaking of tidbits of information: Do you know how Canada got its name? They put all the letters of the alphabet in a hat and starting pulling them out one by one. As the letters came out, the Canadian in charge announce, “‘C’, aye?, ‘N’, aye?, ‘D’, aye?” at which point someone said, “Enough!” Happy Travels, aye.

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