Maple Grove, Minnesota

Day 754

     The Territory of Minnesota existed from March 3, 1849, until May 11, 1858, when the eastern portion of the territory was admitted to the Union as the 32nd State.

     Tidbit of Information: Both Paul Bunyan and the Jolly Green Giant are from Minnesota.

     The first white man to arrive in what is now Maple Grove, Minnesota, was Louis Gervais in 1851. The city got it’s name from the large stands of maple trees. The city was not incorporated until 1954, therefore it is younger than I am. 

Technical Stuff:

Grand Forks, North Dakota to Maple Grove, Minnesota: 290.9 miles

5 hours 16 minutes

11.6 MPG

Diesel: $1.19 Canadian/liter

3 thoughts on “Maple Grove, Minnesota

  1. You all going to the Mall of America. Bring your walking shoes. Place is just massive. Hard to imagine the size till you start walking it.

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