Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Day 772

     Charleroi, Pennsylvania is located 21 miles south of Pittsburgh. Charleroi was settled in 1890 by Belgian immigrants, and incorporated in 1891. The city got its name from the Belgian city. 

     Unfortunately, we must return home. Our long term tenant in my house located in Parkville, Maryland has left to buy her own home. We have decided to sell the property, and our presence is required to do repairs and upgrades in preparation of the sale. Charleroi, Pa. puts us in a position to arrive home tomorrow. We did not unhook from the Sphinx, and because of the long distance did not get here until late, so we did no exploring. 

Technical Stuff:

Jerome, Michigan to Charleroi, Pennsylvania: 340.4 miles

6 hours 53 minutes

10.8 MPG

Diesel: $ 3.20

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