Buffalo Trace Distillery, Lexington, Ky

Day 784

     For you fine liquor fans, what is the oldest continuously-operating distillery in the United States? Since I am in Kentucky, you can surmise it is here.  They also claim that within the last decade they have won more awards than any other distillery IN THE WORLD. 1sign

     Long before there was a Frankfort, or a Lexington, this particular area was part of a major path of migration for buffalo. It was here that their trail (or “trace”) crossed a shallow part of the Kentucky River. This was a good location for settlement, which is what Hancock McAfee and Willis Lee established in 1775, where they began distillation. 

     The first distillery was constructed in 1812 by Harrison Blanton. In 1870 the distillery was purchased by Edmund H. Taylor and given its first name, the Old Fire Copper (O.F.C.) Distillery, which you can see on various buildings.1ofc

     The distillery had been sold and resold numerous times. During Prohibition, the distillery was allowed to remain operational, in order to make whiskey for “medicinal purposes”. In June 1999, under new owners, the distillery changed it’s name to Buffalo Trace to rebrand it’s products and expand it’s marketing. 1window

     Warehouse C was built in 1885 and has 5 floors. The taste of the whisky is altered by which floor it is on. The lower floors are cooler than the upper. This warehouse holds 24,000 barrels. 1barrels

    Another building housed the site for the bottling of their premium small batch bourbons and whiskies. Today, they were bottling Blanton’s single barrel bourbon. Each step of the bottling process is carried out by hand. 1bottling

     Barbara bent her elbow at the tasting bar. She gets double, since I don’t drink. They did have Rebecca-Ruth Bourbon Balls, which I did eat (we also visited her factory earlier, but they did not allow pictures).1tasting

4 thoughts on “Buffalo Trace Distillery, Lexington, Ky

  1. When you get to Louisville, right up the street from the Bat Factory and Museum is the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience which is pretty cool. On the same street is the Louisville Visitor Center which has discounted prices to these places.

  2. Hi Steven and Barbara,
    We met at the Ark Cafeteria on Saturday. We are enjoying your blog!
    I had a question: Why did you not mention visiting the Ark? I am interested in your impressions. Best, Eleanor

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