Mary Todd Lincoln, Lexington, Ky

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     The Mary Todd Lincoln house opened on June 9, 1977 and is the first house museum to honor a First Lady of the United States. Born in Lexington on December 13, 1818, Mary lived here from age 13 to age 20.

     The house was built in 1806 as an inn and tavern, which was called “The Sign of the Green Tree”, before it’s purchased by the Todd family. The family moved into the elegant 14-room three-story home, located on Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1832. Mary Todd lived in this home until 1839, when she moved to Springfield, Illinois to live with her sister, fall in love, and married some lawyer there. She was 23 years old and he was 33. 

     Although wife of the Union president, more than half of her siblings supported and served in the Confederacy.mirror table

     This house was uniquely interesting because it had some original items from when Mary lived here, as well as items from when she lived in the White House. For example Lincoln’s lounge chair:lincoln lounge

     Dish ware from the White House:dishes

     Lincoln’s writing desk. Those are mirrors to reflect the candlelight:writing table

     Mary’s teapot:teapot

     Down the street from Mary’s house was the Kentucky Horse Park, which gave tribute to all the great names in the horse racing industry. Fortunately, I was there just in time to prevent the statues from escaping: stopping horses

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