Agecroft Hall, Richmond, Virginia

Day 775


     In 1292, that is 200 years before Columbus discover the Americas, Adam de Prestwich built himself a manor house in Lancashire, England. Around 1376 the manor house was named Agecroft Hall (a combination of words standing for  “wild celery” & “a fenced in area”. The significance of this name has been lost for over 600 years). The house went though many families, by marriage and inheritance. By 1925 it was in such disrepair, it was scheduled to be torn down. 

     Thomas C. Williams, Jr., a wealthy entrepreneur, who owned property on the James River, on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, wished to build a true English manor house on his 23-acre estate. He purchased the Manson in 1925. The manor house was dismantled, piece by piece, crated, transported across the Atlantic, and reconstructed on the Williams’ family farm site. The intention was not to replicate Agecroft as it had stood in Lancashire, but rather to create a functional and comfortable mansion reminiscent of its English predecessor. The floor plan was changed, and all the modern conveniences of the day were added. 

     The project was completed during the spring of 1928, after 2 years of re-construction. The following year Thomas Williams died. Agecroft Hall is now a museum, which we visited. 

     In addition to the house, which we have now seen quite a few, they had extensive gardens. garden

     Because of the recent rains, the James River is just under cresting. James River

     Is this an alien crop circle?crop circle

     Oh, I see it is time to go. sundial

Hooray! We Are On The Road Again

Day 774

     We have returned to Americamps RV Resort, in Ashland, VA. This is a good jumping off point to our next direction of travel, in this case to West Virginia and Kentucky. 

     We like this resort because it is quiet, has nice spots for the RV’s, and they serve breakfast every morning. We will go into Richmond tomorrow, or the next day, but our plan is just to lay-around and do nothing.

     Just unwind from the last 2 months of getting our rental property repaired, repainted, and on the market. Please let me know if you know of anyone in the market for a nice townhouse in Parkville, Md.   

     This was my first house. A great bachelor house. I lived by myself. Bought a VCR when they first came out (VHS rather than Beta). It cost $800.00, had a remote hard wired, which meant the cord went across the room to my chair. It had play, forward, pause and rewind. I would sit in my lazy-boy, remote in hand, replay shows and movies I recorded over cable, eating cold spaghetti from the night before out of a pot. Life did not get any better than this. 

     Of course, got married, lived happily ever after, being shown the error of my ways. 

Technical Stuff:

Harford County to Ashland, Va: 172.5 miles

5 hours 5 minutes 

10.4 MPG

Diesel: $2.99