Perils of Camping

Day 869

     Last night, actually 1:30 this morning, we answered a knock at our door. It was a white women, about 35 years old, who told us her husband locked her out of her RV. She had been outside for a couple of hours, and wanted to come in and have us call an ambulance, as she thought she had hyperthermia. The temperature was 45 degrees. 

     I called 911 and requested the ambulance. The police arrived about 20 minutes later, but their code to the front gate did not work. I gave them my code, and that did not work either. Fortunately, our campsite was a short walk from the front gate, and that is how they arrived. I used one of the those hi-powered flashlights you see on TV, that has a strobe setting, to signal where I was. 

     By this time, the husband was walking around the campground looking for his wife, and evidently spoke with the police. They took the young lady out of the Sphinx. I never did see an ambulance. 

     This brings up the age old question: should we carry a firearm? We had this conversation when we first set out on our adventure. We took a vote. It was a tie, so, naturally, I lost. 

6 thoughts on “Perils of Camping

  1. Yes! A gun would give you peace of mind. Although your flashlight could knock someone out. You did a good act for your fellow man.

  2. Tough call on the firearm after seeing all the crazy things happening in the news. Maybe get mace or some other protection if a gun is not an option. Only takes one incident where someone goes off the deep end to cause an issue. Hopefully this incident is the last one. Stay safe!

  3. Tough call! I know it was chilly, but you were brave to let her inside. Guess there was no office and/or security for you to contact. Glad that her hubby showed up after the police. I would’ve been for Barbara’s vote! Next time, try to sleep thru the knock (your place was probably the only one with lights on) and/or call 911. The police can get in, if necessary.

  4. Still confused as to where the husband was when fellow lady was locked out. You heard her but he did not?

    The problem with owning a gun is that you have to be willing to use it. Do you really have it in you to shoot someone? On the other hand, practicing on a firing range is a lot of fun.

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