John Preble’s Mystery House, Abita, Louisiana

Day 875

     John Preble’s Mystery House is a fun roadside attraction in Abita Springs, Louisiana. 

     John Preble was born 1948 in New Orleans Louisiana. Preble had received traditional training as a painter, and had gained recognition in the art world for his portraits of Créole Indians, but he chose to focus on work outside of the mainstream.

     Being a collector of oddities for many years, he opened up this museum in 2000, after he received financial security as a painter. Barbara heard that one of his main attractions was a 36 ft. alligator.

     The UCM Museum, pronounced “you-see-em”, is a family-operated roadside attraction located in an old 1950’s car service station in Abita.  He is not afraid to ask the tuff questions:

     Originally called the UCM Museum till its name change in 2007 because the word “Museum” didn’t actually describe what he was exhibiting.

     You are really old if you remember this:

     We did come across that 36 ft. alligator:

     Barbara wasn’t really sure if she wanted to be recognized with me:

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