Mardi Gras on the River

Day 883

     Not all Mardi Gras parades take place on land. Krewe of Hades had theirs on the Tchefuncte River.

    The Tchefuncte River is about 70 miles long and drains into Lake Pontchartrain. The name Tchefuncte is derived from the word Hachofakti, which is the Choctaw word for the chinquapin leaf, from the dwarf chestnut, a spreading shrub. The Choctaw made an infusion of chinquapin leaves to relieve headaches and fevers.

     We sat on the banks in Madisonville to view the parade. There were 14 boats in the Parade, ranging from big

to medium

to small

     Madisonville, Louisiana, was originally called “Cokie” (from Coquille, the French word for “shell”, like an oyster shell) because of the abundance of shells in the area. However, about 1811, the town was re-named for President James Madison.

     We watched the boats as they went down the river a way, turned around and docketed in front of us to throw out beads and trinkets.

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