St. Tammany Parish

Day 923

     The State of Louisiana is divided into 64 parishes (French: paroisses) in the same manner that 43 other states of the United States are divided into counties, and 6 states (including Alaska) are divided into boroughs. Nine of the parishes are named for Saints. St. Tammany Parish is named after the Delaware Indian Chief Tamanend, born in 1628, who made peace with William Penn at the time Philadelphia was established. Among the nine Louisiana parishes named for “saints”, St. Tammany is the only one whose eponym is not a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, Tamanend is not known to have been a Christian, and was certainly not a Roman Catholic. However, he became popularly revered as an “American patron saint” in the post-Revolutionary period.

     Tidbit of Information: An eponym is a person, place, or thing after whom or after which something is named. You see, you learn something new every day.

     Lacombe, located in St. Tammany Parish, is a Creole colony first visited by Pierre le Moyne Sieur d’Iberville in 1699. It is a very small town near us, so we decided to visit. We get most of the information for this blog from the local people, like this gentlemen, who helped establish this museum of Lacombe a few years ago.

     He informed us that Lacombe was established because of it’s clay. At that time New Orleans would burn down every 5 years or so because everything was made of wood. Someone got the bright idea to build the structures of brick. That brick came from Lacombe.

     Well, got to go, today is wash day.

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