Bayou Lafourche

Day 964

     Took a boat ride on the Bayou Lafourche. Although the boat holds 22 people, their was only us and one other person, as a large group that booked did not show. 


     The word “bayou” is almost exclusively used in Louisiana as it originates from the Louisiania Indian Choctaw word “bayuk”, which means “small stream”.

     Bayou Lafourche is 106 miles long and flows from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. 1500 years ago this bayou WAS the Mississippi River. During that period of time, because of hurricanes, storms, and flooding, the Mississippi has migrated at some points more than 50 miles, creating 5 distinct deltas.  The name Lafourche is from the French word for “the fork”, and alludes to the bayou’s large outflow of Mississippi River water.

     Nice, leisurely ride, birds but no alligators.

3 thoughts on “Bayou Lafourche

  1. Finally catching up with all your wonderful blogs. Love the information!! and history that we have to glean from someone else – you! 🙂 The last few days have flown and it sounds like my niece and family have plans for us over the weekend. We were there today to swim in their huge, beautiful, clean warm pool. bbq’d burgers there as well. Came home wiped out! Mary fell asleep in one of the recliners. Yesterday we spent 2 hours on the phone helping my daughter in Portland connect a new modem. Her name is on the bill as well as my own but seems like some of their online help are not all that qualified. Very frustrating. Otherwise, things are going well. Thanks again for your continued education!

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