Bar Harbor, Abingdon, Maryland

     Unforeseen circumstances has brought us back to Maryland. We are camping at Bar Harbor, on the Bush River in Abingdon, Maryland, for the next couple of months.

    Abingdon is the birthplace of William Paca, third Governor of Maryland, and is named after the same place in England. 

Technical Stuff: Placid Drive, Md. to Bar Harbor, Maryland: 23 miles

1 hour 2 minutes 

7.5 MPG

Diesel: $2.86

9 thoughts on “Bar Harbor, Abingdon, Maryland

  1. Steven we hope all is well with you and Barbara and family. Hope you get back on the road soon.

  2. What’s up? We wish you well. More details please. We’re family and care about the two of you.

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  3. So nice to hear from you again. Your blogs are invaluable to all your RV friends – and I’m sure your family as well! 🙂 We had to evacuate the park when ‘Barry’ threatened and did some flooding. Went to Mobile for 3 days and stayed at ‘All About Relaxing” on your recommendation. Beautiful park! I visited my sister and celebrated her 75th birthday with her family. What a blessing it was!

      1. What Abingdon did you go to, lol? It’s all down hill on 152 from Fallston to Abingdon which is at sea level. Fun fact, there are three Abingdon’s. MD, VA and IL. I have been to all three.

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