Fayetteville, North Carolina

Day 1187

     Another short layover on our beeline to warm weather. Did some maintenance and repairs. When you take your house and shake it like a cocktail, something is always going wrong. Barbara calls them “challenges”. I call them “I can’t believe this is happening.” 

     But we manage to meet them all. All is good now, and we are back on the road at sunrise. 

Technical Stuff:

Ashland, Virginia to Fayetteville, North Carolina: 236 miles

4 hours 32 minutes (It’s downhill)

11.0 MPG

Diesel: $2.77

4 thoughts on “Fayetteville, North Carolina

  1. Another enjoyable message about your travels. I so wish I was doing the same, but I’m in Portland and may not get south again until next year. Rod & Mary are still at Fairview St. Park and he’s still seeing eye drs. at the VA – but he’s so much better! I think often of my year with them and miss all the people we met along the way. What great memories!!

  2. Just curious. What is the furthest distance by mileage or time that you have driven in one day? What speed do you drive on flat interstates?

    1. Tomorrow we will travel 348 miles, about 6 hours. The next day 358 miles, about 6.5 hours. I set my cruise control at 59 miles per hour, as the Sphinx’s tires are only rated for 65 miles per hour. As a general rule we travel about 200-250 miles at a time, but we are sprinting to get to warm weather.

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