Infinity Science Center, Mississippi

Day 1228

     Went to the Infinity Science Center in Pearlington, Mississippi. Dedicated in 2012, the 70,000 sq. ft. center features an education wing, as well as indoor and outdoor artifacts.

     The feature exhibits were on Apollo missions, and hurricanes. 

     It was ok, nothing I haven’t seen before on the Apollo missions. Although there is a better museum on hurricanes, and Katrina in particular, in New Orleans, there was one new interesting thing I did learned:

     Anyone out there know what this is? Fabulous prizes could be yours.

4 thoughts on “Infinity Science Center, Mississippi

  1. Hi Steven (From sunny Albuquerque NM!) — I’ll claim my ‘Fabulous Prize’ 🤗​
    That door marking is the US&R (Urban Search & Rescue) “X” code and from the top clockwise it is Date/Time of rescue team search, Hazards Present, Number of life or dead victims found, & US&R Team conducting the search

      1. LOL! we are headed to AZ for the FMCA Convention in MAR and then headed up the Pacific Coast Highway this summer – where are y’all traveling to this year?

        1. I wanted to go to the Pacific Coast Highway when we leave here in mid-April. But I have to be back in Maryland in August for a wedding (another good man bits the dust). Going to California, seeing my brother, then driving up to Oregon or Washington, won’t give us enough time to be back in Maryland. We will probably go to the mid-west to visit some National Parks.

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