Columbus, Indiana

Day 1333

     We are leaving Amish Country and heading for Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

     As we are leaving the campground, we pass the pasture with the Amish Belgium Work horses. You can tell they are Belgium by their accent.

     We stopped here in Columbus for one night without unhooking the Sphinx from the Truck.

And, therefore, did not explore the town or the area. Sometimes you just want to stop for the night and lay around and do nothing. Since I am laying around doing nothing, I decided to do some calculations. We have now been on the road for 4 years. Including campsite fees, food, diesel, propane, restaurants, admission to museums and events, and hotspot coverage for communications and internet, our costs are $90.34 a day. At home our costs were about $120.00 a day. 


Technical Stuff:

Shipshewana, Indiana to Columbus, Indiana: 227.9 miles

4 hours 28 minutes

9.2 MPG

Diesel: $2.16

3 thoughts on “Columbus, Indiana

  1. $90 a day is fantastic. Just look at all of the fun you all are having and all of the cool sights you get to visit. Hopefully all of the tours will be open at Mammoth. If they are, you might want to spend a couple days there because there is a lot to do and see. It is very different than Carlsbad NP in New Mexico. Have fun!

    1. Barbara wants me to remind our friends and family that for security reasons my blogs are timed delayed. So although today’s blog, Day 1333 says we are on our way to Mammoth Cave, we have already been there, and other places. Actually, we are on our way to Tennessee to meet with friends, Day 1337. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for you to comment as if these are current events. Nevertheless, I do appreciate all who take the time to comment on my blogs.

      You will also notice on my blogs, there is no way to contact me by phone or e-mail. All of my family and friends have my phone and e-mail. Should you have lost it, or have an old e-mail, leave a comment on this blog with your name (as some use an alias), I will send you our contact information privately.

      WordPress, who hosts this blog, has provided me with an Akismet program that prevents scams, spam, and hacks to my blog. In the 5 years I have been editing this blog, there have been 2,650 attacks, with only 4 false positives for a 99.9% accuracy rate. It is a dangerous world out there, with some unsavory people.

      I know my brother has notice the discrepancy in my dates and day numbers. Although it bothers him, no one else seems to notice. So, great. Please enjoy the blog.

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