Moccasin Bend, Tennessee

Day 1347

    Today’s hike took us to Moccasin Bend, Tennessee. The trail goes through the forest,


and swamps

     Because we were so close to the swamps, the trail was pretty muddy.

     I made sure Barbara went first to clear all the spider webs. 

4 thoughts on “Moccasin Bend, Tennessee

  1. You two have so much fun! Hiking! I can’t remember the last time I did that – if ever!! 🙂 I have fun reading about your experiences and seeing the photos. Now that all my surgeries are done, I hope to fly down to NC for a couple weeks before Rod & Mary leave there. Keep writing & sharing! Joyce

  2. Because of the mud, aren’t you supposed to wear moccasins rather than sneakers?

    I hear you’re going to get lots of company as people opt to rent RVs and camp instead of fly.

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