Still Here in North Carolina

Day 1447

     We have been here now since July. The pool was supposed to be finished when we arrived.

     No progress in the last 4 months.

     The campground normally has many activities, but most have been cancelled because of the china virus.

     However, today they did have a New Year celebration.

     I guess they had leftover decorations. There was entertainment.

     Sparsely attended.

     Plus it was chilly.

     He was Ok, but won’t make the circle.



2 thoughts on “Still Here in North Carolina

  1. Good Morning Friends! It sounds like time to move on for you. North? South? West? Or stay for the Fall colors? North Carolina is beautiful and you’ve explored more of it than most people, Hard to believe we’re already into October! Portland has been unseasonably warm but the rains are coming. Home and yard maintenance gets old – but not us! 🙂 Gotta have something to look forward to besides a followup colonoscopy in 3 weeks! UGH!! Oh! We must not forget the election a month from today!! Oh, my!

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