Johnathan Creek, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Day 1449

     Johnathan Creek is a babbling, frolicking little creek that alternately rushes and meanders along its course through the Great Smoky Mountains. We hiked the part the goes through Maggie Valley, North Carolina. 

It use to be farmland around here.

But time has taken it’s toll:

Some of the older homes are pretty neat.

This modern house was just completed on the creek:

     It has all the modern conveniences you can ask for, including a Jacuzzi and hot tub that looks over the creek.

     Unfortunately, when everything was said and done, they realized they forgot to put in a bathroom. 

No problem, they improvised:

3 thoughts on “Johnathan Creek, Maggie Valley, North Carolina

  1. You blogs make me chuckle. Maggie Valley has a sweetness that would be fun to visit from time to time. The kids are on their way to Tennessee as I type, so my heart is praying for their successful journey. I hope we get to spend more time with you 2 in the future!! In the meantime, we’ll have to be happy with your interesting blogs!

  2. Modern home is nice. The stone house with the metal roof, it will probably still be right there when the next 100 year pandemic arrives

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