Home Alone, Abingdon, Maryland

Day 1480

     We are back in Maryland until January, as the Country is shut down because of the china virus. We will stay here throughout the holidays, and celebrate my father’s 100th birthday.

     Because of the home-owner’s association, we cannot park in our own driveway. So we are at an RV park in Abingdon, Maryland.

     I want to leave the first week in January, drive to Louisiana for warm weather, then go though Death Valley. From there I want to go to California, see my brother, and travel up the Pacific Highway to Oregon and Washington State. (An alternate route would be to go to Hawaii, but they haven’t finished the bridge.)

     That is what I want. Who knows what is going to happen. Worst case scenario, if I don’t get the virus and die, is to cut our 5 year plan down to 4, sell the RV and spend the rest of my days rocking on my front porch. 

Technical Stuff: New Market, Virginia to Abingdon, Md.: 182.6 miles

3 hours 57 minutes

11.1 MPG

Diesel: $2.00

Barbara says: “goodbye!”

12 thoughts on “Home Alone, Abingdon, Maryland

  1. That damn covid lockdown. Winter may be the best time to visit Death Valley, September was still too hot for us, You’ll love southern Oregon with the natural beauty and peace of the conservative population. We highly recommend the Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville, OR. We were there a month before we went south. We didn’t find any respectable RV parks north of that on I-5 but things may have changed in the 2 years we went that route. Happy Hone Time. P.s. I hope to spend a month with the kids in Louisiana after Christmas.

  2. Welcome back to MD. Might be tough trying to travel in California due to the China virus. With the politics , i could see these left Governor’s shutting things down again. Worse case scenario, after Death Valley, if you can’t do the PCH, take I-15 up through NV, UT, ID and MT and then travel west across 90. It is one amazing, beautiful ride up I-15. I have done it from where it originates in Southern California all the way up to Montana. Though you have to watch for heavy spring snow storms.

      1. Okay, it is May, are you in the desert, on the bridge to HI, or rocking on your front porch?

        1. We are still in Maryland. We will be leaving here July 1, 2021 and going south to a family reunion in Pensacola, Florida the first week in August. We are formulating our plans. Maybe we can stop and see you in North Carolina.

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