Old Baltimore County

Day 1710

     The first County Seat of Baltimore County was established in 1659 on the Bush River, about 1 mile from our campsite. It barley lasted 40 years, until about 1700 when it was moved to Joppa Maryland. 

      Baltimore Town, as it was then called, was a ferry landing and its tobacco port served the upper bay. It was also a gateway to the wilderness. (It is hard to imagine where we are camped as the gateway to the wilderness). Authorities ordered a courthouse built here in 1674. As populations gradually grew around the Patapsco River, pressure increased to move the County Seat to a more convenient location. Although some renovations were performed on the Baltimore Town Courthouse in the mid-1690s, the area was in rapid decline. 

     By 1712, the County Seat had moved to Joppa Town, but Old Baltimore may have been abandoned as a government center even earlier.

     I hiked down to the site (see above photo), and this is what it looks like today.

3 thoughts on “Old Baltimore County

  1. I know you know this, but Rt. 7 was the main trail between Baltimore and Philadelphia in the 1800’s until probably the mid 1920’s when the Conowingo Dam opened and cars got more popular and they used Rt 1. Most of the action switched to Rt. 40 when the Hatem Bridge opened in 1940. There are some cool historical plaques on Rt. 7 and I think there is one for George Washington.

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