Plumpton Park Zoo, Maryland

Day 1715

     Plumpton Park Zoo is located in Cecil County, Maryland. This privately own zoo is home to some exotic animals.

     The zoo was started by Edward Plumstead in 1985 on his family estate, initially with deer and a few domestic animals. Now the zoo is home to over 165 animals including giraffes, tigers, bears, deer, wolves, monkey, kangaroos, and llamas, and is run by a professionally trained staff of zookeepers.

     Someone left the gate open

and the peacock roamed freely

     You can get close to the animals and hand feed them

     They even had a horse, recently released from prison.

     The coolest animal there was this Bengal Tiger.


     Here this little girl tried to feed him,

     Oh! No. She became his lunch. Oh, well. 

5 thoughts on “Plumpton Park Zoo, Maryland

  1. What!! That little girl happens to be your great grandaughter I sure hope she didn’t turn into lunch for the zoo animals! 😯😂

  2. Good Morning – So much to see in Maryland. Looks like a great zoo with animals well taken care of by people who must really like animals. I don’t even want to take care of one dog, let alone a whole farm full. 🙂 Had record heat in Portland the past 2 days – 110+ on my covered patio. Big job keeping the yard watered. But it dipped down to the 90’s so now we can breathe easily! Joyce.

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