My Last Blog Post

The Last Day

     This is where the Sphinx use to be:

      I sold it today.

     Barbara is crying (she was still inside).

     Our original plan was to tour the Continent for 5 years and then re-evaluate. It has now been 5 years, having purchased the Sphinx January, 2016. Since we are both in good health, we would have continued until our health determined otherwise. However, with the China Virus greatly limiting where we can travel, we decided it was not worth the hassle.

     During the last five years we have been to 37 States, including Alaska, 3 Canadian Providences and 1 Canadian Territory. We have been to the Arctic Circle and back.

     Where were our favorite places? Mine was the Badlands of South Dakota, and Barbara’s was the Albuquerque, New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival.

     We are settling into the Old Age Home. We went to an orientation the other day, the rows of seats in front of us looked like a box of Q-Tips. I think I am too young to be here. However, it is a good deal: we give them all of our money and they are responsible for taking care of us the rest of our lives. This is a great relief to our Granddaughter to whom I said, “You don’t have to repay us any of the money we used to help you with dentist, college, etc. but you have to take care of me when I am old and drooling.”

     My original intent for the blog was to keep everyone informed of our location on the Continent. Obviously it turned into more than that. I hoped I have given you a detailed look into some the interesting places our County has to offer, along with history of the United States from a different point of view, peppered with a little bit of humor and sarcasm.

     Thank you for being my audience. 

                  Steven J. Scheinin

Technical Stuff::

Total Miles Traveled:  82,346

Number of Campgrounds Stayed:  254

Number of Restaurants eaten:  617

Number of Attractions visited:  260

Blogs Posted: 656

Number of followers to this blog: 88

Number of Pictures Posted to these blogs: 3,718

     Still holding the camera the wrong way!

10 thoughts on “My Last Blog Post

  1. Steven & Barbara, I can’t imagine this bring the end of your touring. I hope your new home organizes brilliant trips. Thank you so much for sharing with us these years! God bless you both. ~ Christina

  2. Thanks for the memories! Very interesting to see the places you visited and the experiences. I wish we could have had you with us more often at our dinner get-togethers but, such is life. There’s less
    of us to tell the tale, but it was a good ride. Best to you and Barbara! I will always cherish our shared time together, and I’m honored to have been part of such a wonderful group. Stay well, all my best!

  3. Wow, that really is a sad day. But the positive is all of the great memories you have made and the many good friendships you made during your travels.

    And it was great for your audience as we were going to work everyday, we got to read and enjoy your adventures and take notes for places that we are now going to in our retirement.

    I think life is a lot like the movie The Adjustment Bureau with doors opening and closing along the way. Your new life at B.M. is just a new door opening to, while different, to all new adventures.

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us and may you and Barb continue to have a wonderful retirement.

  4. It has been a pleasure to have met and shared a meal, a game or two and many memories with you and Barbara! We will miss seeing and following you two! Blessings as you embark on this next chapter!

  5. Thanks for the update! 👏What a lifetime of experiences you have had for which you can now cherish and drool over. I always enjoyed your informative photos and blogs, even tho’ I didn’t always read’em every day! 🤣
    Good luck 🤞with your new digs! Please tell Barbara she’s been on my phone list! 😉 Would love to see the new residence! 🤗
    I have a new email . . . 👍

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