Titusville, Florida

Day 560

     Drove to Titusville, Florida, which is on the Indian River, west of Merritt Island and the Kennedy Space Center, and a short distance from Cape Canaveral, to watch a rocked launch. 


     United Launch Alliance launched it’s SBIRS GEO-4 on an Atlas V rocket, the fourth Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous satellite. The satellite’s purpose is to provide the U.S. military with early warnings of missile detection, so watch out Korea. 


Kingsland, Georgia

Day 558

     Almost made it to Florida, but we ended up in Kingsland, Georgia. We will spend only 1 night here and move on to Mims, Florida tomorrow, where we will spend 4 days, hopefully in warm weather as it suppose to be above freezing and a high of 50.

Technical Stuff: Walterboro, SC to Kingsland, GA: 165.4 miles

3 hours 40 minutes

10.0 MPG

Diesel: $2.86

We have slept in 26 States

Walterboro, South Carolina

Day 556

    This should be the last night of cold weather, as tomorrow we will be in sunny Florida. We are not doing any sightseeing, as the object is to get out of the cold weather. We are spending our days organizing the Sphinx, as we just threw everything in when we left Maryland since the temperatures were in the single digits. 

Technical Stuff:

Raleigh, NC to Walterboro, SC: 236.5 miles

4 hours 58 minutes

10.5 MPG

Diesel: $2.74

A Beeline to Florida

Day 552

     Left Maryland, going straight down the coast to Florida to find warm weather. We would have left a week ago, but the weather in Virginia, our first stop, was colder than here in Maryland.

     Another delaying factor was we had to wait for a part for the Sphinx.

     Our return to Maryland was mainly to celebrate my father’s 97th birthday. He was born the same day as Jesus Christ. While we were here, we made all of our doctor appointments: dentist, eye, family doctor for our annual physical, etc. We also took the Sphinx in for it’s annual maintenance. One of our slide skids needed replacement. Of course the maintenance shop did not have the part in stock, so they had to order it from the Cedar Creek factory in Indiana. We had to wait an extra week for the part to arrive. Can you believe some people don’t work Christmas week or New Year’s? Naturally, they sent the wrong part. It will now have to chase us around the Country.

     Remember in high school you learned that metal will expand and contract in extreme cold and heat. We had that fact brought home to us. We went out one morning to do some shopping. When we returned, our microwave and bedroom clock had been blown. It was a beautiful, but cold day. It took me just over two weeks to determine the cause. This, after talking to electricians and numerous people on RV forums to which I belong.

     Evidently, the 50 amp electrical plug that connects to the Sphinx is supposed to be twisted slightly to the right to “lock” it in. A fact not told me 2 years ago when the dealer was suppose to show me everything I need to know about my first 5th wheel. I normally just plug it in like a regular plug.

     Because it was not locked in, the cold caused the metal prongs to contract slightly causing a momentary disconnection of the ground, which cause an electrical spike which fried my appliances. We learn something new everyday.

Technical Stuff:

Fallston, Maryland to Ashland, Virginia: 191.1 miles

4 hours 16 minutes

10.6 MPG

Diesel: $2.74

Home, Again

Day 551

Give us a call to come and visit the Sphinx.

Statistics, if you care:

Total States Traveled since February 20, 2016:  26

Total miles pulling the Sphinx:  19,548 miles

Total miles driving RAM Truck:  43,405 miles

Sightseeing miles in Truck:  22,857 miles

Average Daily Cost:  $96.00

Technical Stuff:

Ashland, Virginia to Fallston, Maryland: 179.3

4 hours 53 minutes

10.4 MPG

Diesel: $2.57