Walked To Canada

Day 407

     Walked from New York to Canada, about a quarter of a mile. 

Day 4047 Canada NY 3965_Fotor

     Barbara is on the American side, and I on the Canadian     Day 4047 Canada NY 3968_Fotor       The view of Niagara Falls was much better.Day 4047 Canada NY 4016_Fotor          Where are we?Day 4047 Canada NY 4006_Fotor

     Stopped by the tribute to Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856 in what was then the Austrian Empire. He emigrated to the United States in June 1884 and on July 30, 1891,  became a naturalized citizen. He invented the alternating current (AC) induction motor. The power plants at Niagara Falls is based on his invention.Day 4047 Canada NY 4021_Fotor

     Throughout the 20 States we have traveled, I have been searching for Day 4047 Canada NY 4028_Fotor

a frog on a lily pad, and, in Canada, I found him.

     Met some weird  people on the Canadian side

     At night, Canada lites up the falls,Day 4047 Canada NY 4036_Fotor

     and had fireworks over the falls Day 4047 Canada NY 4078_Fotor

     They did not tell us ahead of time, but walking back from Canada to the US there was a turnstile which required 50 cents, quarters only. We did not have quarters. We were two people without a Country.Day 4047 Canada NY 4085_Fotor

     Can you believe on the American side, they had barbed wire? What an unfriendly Country.