Arcadia, Florida

Day 22


     We have been very fortunate that the 7 RV parks we have stayed the last 22 days have been so accommodating. When we stayed at Southern Palms RV resort, the owner had one of her employees guide us to the site and gave Barbara tips on how to back me in. Hopefully she won’t back me off a cliff again, leaving all 6 truck wheels off the ground.

     At the one site, I don’t know why the woman was so upset. First her child was clearly in the campsite designated for me, and second, she had 4 others. One of the sites boarded next to a church. I was surprised how a grave marker from the 1600’s crumbled so easily when tapped by the RV.

     Sometimes we get our signals crossed. Fortunately, Barbara screams loud, and I didn’t hit her.

Technical Stuff:

We pulled into a truck stop to stretch our legs. Can you believe they have handicapped parking?Day 24 (1)

Eustis, Fl. to Arcadia, Fl. = 142.7 miles

10.0 mpg

3 hours 55 minutes

Diesel: $2.00 per gallon