Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Day 265

     The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center is located at Redstone Arsenal, an active military base. It was here that von Braun and his team developed and tested the rockets that led up to the Saturn V that took Apollo 11 to the moon.

     For the last 17 years, the Flight Center is the Payload Operation Center for the International Space Station. While the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas control the operation of the Space Station, The Marshal Center controls all the experiments that are done by the US on the Station. There are 6 people on the space station. 3 Russians and 3 Americans. Sometimes the Americans give up one of their spots to a member of one of the other countries that have contributed to the Space Station.

     The number of people on the Station is limited to 6 people, as the only way to get to the Station from Earth is through the Russian Soyuz vehicles, which hold only 3 people. The average stay is 6 months, with 3 people leaving and being replaced every 3 months. 

     We were able to view the Operation Center.


     There were live feeds from the Space Station. Here you can see the Russian ships at their dock. 


     In case of emergency the astronauts can leave the station on these two vehicles. 

     Here is a live view of the Earth from the Station.


     The Marshall Space Flight Center is also developing the next rockets


     As well as the vehicle and propulsion system that will take man to Mars in 2030.