Burritt Mansion, Huntsville, Alabama

Day 267


     William Henry Burritt, was born February 17, 1869, Madison County, AL, in what is now Huntsville, AL. We visited Burritt Mansion built in 1938, after his first house burned down the day he moved in, June 6, 1936. Dr. Burritt was a medical doctor but in 1903 shifted his attention from medicine to the manufacture of rubber products. He developed and had a patent on a wheel and pneumatic tire system.

     The mansion was built in the shape of a maltase cross, and  located on 167 acres on Round Top Mountain. He was attracted to the healthful spring waters and mountain air that had won the neighboring mountain the name “Monte Sano,” or Mountain of Health.



      He had neat fireplaces. 


    The mansion contained an exhibit of the Life and Works of Maria Howard Weeden. Born July 7, 1846, she became famous for her drawings and literary works on the freed slaves following the Civil War.

     We visited neighboring Monte Sano. I feel much healthier.