Bradenton, Florida

Day 28

Greetings from Day 28 (7) Day 28 (8)Mixon’s Grove, a Citrus Fruit Farm.

     Can’t visit Florida without visiting an Orange Grove. It turns out this is not the harvesting season. The orange juice I tasted was not as good as Bayside Skillet in Ocean City, Maryland, the best fresh squeezed orange juice I have ever tasted.

The Mixon Fruit Farm tour was given by a lifelong orange grower.

Day 28 (20)
It doesn’t matter the uniform

Day 28 (21)

They not only grow oranges, but other citrus fruits as well. Day 28 (19) Day 28 (10) Day 28 (9) Day 28 (6) Day 28 (5)


     Can you tell what they are? Neither can I. They are various oranges (including Valencia and Naval), lemons, limes, grapefruit, and something that is like a grapefruit, but is not. Day 28 (18)

They even had coconut trees.

     Part of the tour included rescued animals by Wildlife, Inc. they use part of the farm’s land for rehabilitation of the animals, and education of the public through a live exhibit.  

Day 28 (12)


Day 28 (13)They had baby alligators, python snake, Day 28 (14)Day 28 (15)Day 28 (16)raccoon, skunks,

hawks, a bob cat and even a hick turtle

Day 28 (17)

      We then walked through their gardens Day 28 (1)




To their fish pond.Day 28 (2) Day 28 (3)Where we were met with open mouths.

     These things are running around all over Florida. Day 28 (11)




     They are called Anoles, a harmless lizard. Would you like me to bring one home to you?