The Last Battle of the Civil War

Day 324

Day 324 Ft Blakeley, AL1607_Fotor

     Some people believe that the last major battle of the Civil War took place here, at Fort Blakeley, Alabama, beginning exactly 152 years ago today, on April 1, 1865, and ending April 9th.

     Being the anniversary, we attended a re-enactment of that last battle at redoubt #4, the heaviest fortified position. 

     The Union army awaits the signal for the final assault on Fort Blakeley, the last Confederate fortification guarding the eastern side of Mobile Bay.  It has been under siege and bombarded for days. When that signal comes, 16,000 Union troops will emerge from siege trenches and rifle pits to attack along a three mile front against a semi-circular perimeter defended by 4,000 Confederates.  With Blakeley gone, there’s nothing to stop the Union army from invading the last prize of the Confederacy – Mobile.

Day 324 Ft Blakeley, AL1623_Fotor

     The outcome of the battle is not in doubt. By this point in the war, the Union army is a battle-hardened war machine – competently led and with seemingly endless amounts of arms, ammunition and men. 

Day 324 Ft Blakeley, AL1632_Fotor

     The next day, April 10, 1865, Mobile surrendered without a fight. 

Day 324 Ft Blakeley, AL1663_Fotor