Clayton, New York

Day 398

      So, who was Sophia LaLonde? Stay tuned for the thrilling answer. 

     John M. Clayton, born July 24, 1796, was an American lawyer and politician from Delaware. He served in the Delaware General Assembly, became a U.S. Senator from Delaware, and served as U.S. Secretary of State under President Zachary Taylor.  For some reason they named this seaside town in New York after him. 

     We strolled through the town to visit the 1000 Islands Museum. I hoped to find some interesting facts about the islands.

     When we were on Heart Island, we were informed that George Boldt would have lavish parties on his yacht on the St. Lawrence River. During one of those parties, the chef forgot the dressing for the salad and made a concoction of ingredients he had on board, which was named 1000 Island Dressing. 

     The 1000 Islands Museum had records that showed the dressing was actually made by, you guessed it, Sophia LaLonde. Her husband was a charter fishing boat Captain and Sophia, a gourmet cook, served this dressing at her “shore dinners” for his clients after the trip.

     After this exhausting research, we stopped at Coyote Moon Vineyards for refreshments on their outside deck.

    They had this interesting chandelle in their restroom:

     Well, it is time to move on: