Tonawanda, New York

Day 402

     We went to Tonawanda, New York, to visit Allan Herschell’s Carrousel Manufacturing Company, the maker of Merry-Go-Rounds. The Company operated from 1872 to 1915. 

     Over 3,000 hand-carved wooden carousels were made in this factory.

     Artisans were there demonstrating the making of the horses. 

     Of course, you can’t go to a carousel manufacturing company without riding a carousel.

     Tidbit of Information: What famous man, you never heard of, was born in Tonawanda, New York?  Hint:  He drafted the terms of surrender that Lee and Grant signed at Appomattox Court house that signaled the end of the Civil War. He was Ely Samuel Parker, a Seneca Indian, and a lieutenant Colonel in the Union Army.