Niagara Falls (the falls), New York

Day 404

     I really wasn’t that impressed with Niagara Falls

Day 404 Niagra the falls NY 3855_Fotor

We were told not to upset the Gods

 Day 404 Niagra the falls NY 3955_Fotor

     Tidbit of Information:  The falls was actually shut off in 1969. No water ran over it. From June to November 1969 the entire American rapids channel and falls was shut off by redirecting the flow of water for purposes of evaluating erosion of the falls, and determine if remedial action was required. A section of the overhang, which was deemed unsafe if nature allowed it to fall, was removed. It was decided to do no further alteration of the falls and let nature take it’s course, which means in 10,000 years the falls will have eroded entirley away. I  am glad we saw it today. 

Day 404 Niagra the falls NY 3934_Fotor

     This is  a picture of me inside the barrel just before I went over the falls: