Archbold, Ohio

Day 414

     Erie J. Sauder, born August 6, 1904 here in Archbold, Ohio, was an American inventor and furniture-maker. Archbold was another of those towns formed around a railroad stop.

     In 1934, Erie Sauder began his woodworking business out of the barn at his home. He invented the ready-to-assemble table in 1951 that could be assembled by the average person with minimal skills. This turned into a multi-million dollar industry. More than likely you have one of his Sauder products in your home, a bookcase or desk. 

     We toured Sauder Village where his original workshop was located, and a local artisan was there explaining the process Sauder used with tools he made himself.

Day 414 Archbold OH 4122_Fotor

     We also saw the first RV. Actually, it is a Hungarian migrant worker’s wagon, built in 1923, it was used by sugar beat workers, and their families, as a shelter while they harvested the beats.

Day 414 Archbold OH 4128_Fotor

      Corduroy roads were the solution to crossing the miles of swampy land encountered  by the first settlers in Northwest Ohio. These roads were constructed by laying logs side-by-side across the swampy ground in a pattern that reminded people of the corduroy fabric. 

Day 414 Archbold OH 4131_Fotor