Parke County, Indiana

Day 432

Day 432 Parke County IN 4426_Fotor

     Parke County lies in the western part of Indiana along the Wabash River and was formed in 1821. The County has 31 covered bridges and describes itself as the Covered Bridge Capital of the World. At one time as many as 53 covered bridges existed.

     These are actual covered wooden bridges, not like the bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio (see day 412).

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     To access some of these bridges, we had to drive through corn fields:

Day 432 Parke County IN 4408_Fotor

     In our travels today, looking for the covered bridges, we came across this history on a stick:

Day 432 Parke County IN 4425_Fotor

     Having no idea what the 10 O’clock line was, but suspecting it was an Indian line cast by the sun’s shadow on a stick, this is what I found: The Treaty of Fort Wayne, sometimes called the Ten O’clock Line Treaty, is a 1809 treaty that obtained 3,000,000 acres (yes, that’s 3 million acres) of American Indian land for the white settlers of Illinois and Indiana. The Indians did not trust the surveyors’ equipment, so a spear was thrown down at ten o’clock and the shadow became the treaty line.

     I learn something new everyday. 

     Of course, you knew the state’s name means “Indian Land”.

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