Wilson, North Carolina

Day 73

      Day 73 (13)Wilson North Carolina is the most depressing city I have ever been. Although it is the County Seat (which means the Circuit Court and Government buildings are located here) and it is lunch time on a Monday, the streets are deserted with 80% of the buildings boarded up. Another 10% of the business closed. It would be a great place to film a disaster or zombie movie.

Day 73 (12)

 It did have a couple of antebellum houses, like this one. Day 73 (2)


           Barbara was impressed with the rose garden, which was in a most unlikely place, the Public Library grounds.

Day 73 (4)



 Maybe the town was once a seaport, and the waters receded

Day 73 (11) Day 73 (10)


     I was so astonished with the condition of the County Seat, (being a lawyer I have been to all 22 County Seats in the State of Maryland, all of which were bustling places) that I went back to the visitor center to ask the hostess, who is a life long resident. She informed me that when tobacco died, the town died. Although they still grow tobacco here, it is shipped to other parts of the State for processing.

Technical Stuff:

Dillon, SC to Wilson, NC   132.8 miles

2 hours 39 minutes

11.9 miles to gallon

Diesel $1.98 gallon