Goshen, Indiana

Day 762

     We are back in Goshen, Indiana (see day 420), for our second Forest River Owner’s Group rally. This is a relaxing week in which we will meet with fellow RV’ers (1600 of them) who own RV’s from the same manufacturer as ours. We will attend seminars on topics related to the Sphinx, and attend numerous events put on by the manufacturer, including 4 ice-cream socials. 

     Since we are in the heart of Amish Country, we decided to venturer out and learn more about their everyday life and how they lived.

     We visited a carriage maker,

     As well as a coffin maker

     Tidbit of Information: The difference between a cemetery and a graveyard: A graveyard is always attached to a church. Since the Amish do not have churches (they meet in each other’s homes), they only have cemeteries. 

     We went and had dinner and saw a show, after which the actors came on the bus and answered questions.

     Of course, you MUST have ice cream every single day, so we went to an ice cream parlor called “Rocket Science Ice Cream”. 

     They take the ingredients of the ice cream and mix it in a metal bowl,

     then they squirt it with liquid nitrogen to flash freeze it,

     and serve it right to you.

     Barbara thinks it is the best ice cream she has ever eaten. 

Technical Stuff:

Elkhart, Indiana to Goshen, Indiana: 28.6 miles

1 hour 1 minute

9.1 MPG

Diesel: $3.00