Wait…Wait…Wait…Wait… and Wait

     When we got married, January, 1982, it was the coldest day on record. When we retired last week, Maryland had the most snow in a single storm since record keeping began. Is there a trend here?

     We have the keys to the 5th Wheel and spend the day at the dealer learning  how to use all the gadgets. However, although the County plowed our street, they did it with a front-loader that left a wall so high, we would not have been able to maneuver the 5th wheel into our driveway.

     Therefore, we have to wait another week for the snow to melt.

     In the meantime, we are moving forward. We are giving half our possessions away or to Purple Heart. We bought a hot spot for the RV for areas where there is no WiFi, and we are cleaning up the house for moving out. The oil tank has been filled, the water treatment system has been serviced, the septic system has been pumped, the cable, phone and internet are being disconnected. We are ready!