Hooray! We Are On The Road Again

Day 774

     We have returned to Americamps RV Resort, in Ashland, VA. This is a good jumping off point to our next direction of travel, in this case to West Virginia and Kentucky. 

     We like this resort because it is quiet, has nice spots for the RV’s, and they serve breakfast every morning. We will go into Richmond tomorrow, or the next day, but our plan is just to lay-around and do nothing.

     Just unwind from the last 2 months of getting our rental property repaired, repainted, and on the market. Please let me know if you know of anyone in the market for a nice townhouse in Parkville, Md.   

     This was my first house. A great bachelor house. I lived by myself. Bought a VCR when they first came out (VHS rather than Beta). It cost $800.00, had a remote hard wired, which meant the cord went across the room to my chair. It had play, forward, pause and rewind. I would sit in my lazy-boy, remote in hand, replay shows and movies I recorded over cable, eating cold spaghetti from the night before out of a pot. Life did not get any better than this. 

     Of course, got married, lived happily ever after, being shown the error of my ways. 

Technical Stuff:

Harford County to Ashland, Va: 172.5 miles

5 hours 5 minutes 

10.4 MPG

Diesel: $2.99


     No day, as I don’t count time in my driveway. 

     No time to lay in my hammock. Visiting friends, just came back from Ocean City, Maryland. Waiting on sale of my original house in Parkville, Md.  Going much slower than I hoped. 

     When it is not raining, doing maintenance on the Sphinx. 

     Itching to get back on the road again. 

      Just curious, how do you get to read my blog, please take below poll. Thank you.

Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Day 772

     Charleroi, Pennsylvania is located 21 miles south of Pittsburgh. Charleroi was settled in 1890 by Belgian immigrants, and incorporated in 1891. The city got its name from the Belgian city. 

     Unfortunately, we must return home. Our long term tenant in my house located in Parkville, Maryland has left to buy her own home. We have decided to sell the property, and our presence is required to do repairs and upgrades in preparation of the sale. Charleroi, Pa. puts us in a position to arrive home tomorrow. We did not unhook from the Sphinx, and because of the long distance did not get here until late, so we did no exploring. 

Technical Stuff:

Jerome, Michigan to Charleroi, Pennsylvania: 340.4 miles

6 hours 53 minutes

10.8 MPG

Diesel: $ 3.20

Jerome, Michigan

Day 771

     In 1869 the Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Railway right-of-way passed over two pieces of vacant land on the western edge of Somerset Township in Michigan. One piece belonged to Jerome Smith and the other to Mary Begel. Filled with ambition as a result of the importance of railroads at that time, the two planned the village of Jerome so that it straddled their properties and the right-of-way. The railroad established its Jerome station before the plat of the village was even filed.

     We visited with friends in Jerome, who have a lake house there.

     You never know what you will see on the lake.

Technical Stuff:

Goshen, Indiana to Jerome, Michigan: 100.2 miles

2 hours 14 minutes

10.8 MPG

Diesel: $3.20

Goshen, Indiana

Day 762

     We are back in Goshen, Indiana (see day 420), for our second Forest River Owner’s Group rally. This is a relaxing week in which we will meet with fellow RV’ers (1600 of them) who own RV’s from the same manufacturer as ours. We will attend seminars on topics related to the Sphinx, and attend numerous events put on by the manufacturer, including 4 ice-cream socials. 

     Since we are in the heart of Amish Country, we decided to venturer out and learn more about their everyday life and how they lived.

     We visited a carriage maker,

     As well as a coffin maker

     Tidbit of Information: The difference between a cemetery and a graveyard: A graveyard is always attached to a church. Since the Amish do not have churches (they meet in each other’s homes), they only have cemeteries. 

     We went and had dinner and saw a show, after which the actors came on the bus and answered questions.

     Of course, you MUST have ice cream every single day, so we went to an ice cream parlor called “Rocket Science Ice Cream”. 

     They take the ingredients of the ice cream and mix it in a metal bowl,

     then they squirt it with liquid nitrogen to flash freeze it,

     and serve it right to you.

     Barbara thinks it is the best ice cream she has ever eaten. 

Technical Stuff:

Elkhart, Indiana to Goshen, Indiana: 28.6 miles

1 hour 1 minute

9.1 MPG

Diesel: $3.00