3 thoughts on “Promenade @Havre de Grace, Maryland

  1. Hi Stephen and Barbara, Recently, Ruth Rothschilds and I were commenting at the Bridge table wondering where you were!! I thought I had left a message several months ago that Ruth was interested in joining us for an early dinner. So, you’re still in Harford County? Now that the country is starting to lift restrictions due to Covid-19, are you hoping to start travelling again? Have you made any plans about Oak Crest?

    A number of people in their twilight years in Harford County have been very disappointed and even frustrated as Eva Mar @Carsins Run on Rte. 543 hasn’t made any progress with building a facility for seniors, etc. Several individuals and couples are opting to move to Oak Crest in Parkville. No one wants to really leave the Bel Air area, but they needed to make more immediate plans to move out of their independent living, etc.

    Our ladies’ Bridge groups have all started back up, but with some changes. All the groups are playing only in the daytime as many of the ladies don’t want to drive at night. Then, we start after 12 noon, so no food or some very light snacks are provided by the hostess. Again, many of the ladies felt it added a lot of unnecessary stress to have heavy appetizers, even meals and/or desserts.

    Sadly, I don’t know of any couples’ Bridge groups still playing. Prior to Covid-19, some were playing daytime in local churches or at the senior center, but none have been allowed to start back up.

    We, seniors, don’t have a lot of energy, but we still want to use what we still have, and more importantly, we really want to exercise our brains!! Covid-19 really put a stop to a lot of activities and interests, and only some are trying to reactivate!

    If you’re around and interested, Ruth and I would like to meet up with you two for a late lunch or an early dinner.

    Take care, Anne


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